Craftmas in July – Halfway Through!

Today marks the halfway point of Craftmas in July! I’ve been enjoying working on my projects and wanted to show you my progress so far.

My cross-stitch ornament is making me swoon! I love how it came out with the gold on the tree. It was my first cross-stitch project and the back is a little messy, so I’d still like to cover it with a pretty piece of paper or fabric.

The Christmas tree skirt is well underway, but I’m feeling really torn! Above you can see the edging that I swatched, but looking at the simple chain stitch on the full-size version reminds me that one of the things I liked about my original inspiration was the simplicity. I’m planning on reassessing when I finish all the chain stitching.

And that’s where I am! I’m thinking I won’t get to any projects beyond this, especially if I add an actual edging to the tree skirt, but I’m looking forward to these two items decorating my home this December.

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