FO Friday – Travel Socks

Happy Friday! Ready for a FO? Let’s go!

Pattern: Double Gusset on Bottom Toe Up Sock by Carrie Ramirez

Yarn: Labyrinth from Bronotta Yarns in the colorway Split Pea.

Needles: 2.25mm (US 1)

Ravelry Link: Right here!

These beauties are my newest socks. I am still on the hunt for my one-true sock and tried out a new pattern with these. I have high arches, so I chose a double gusset, which is supposed to be a good fit for that foot shape. And toe up because that’s just how I like to make my socks. These seem like an awesome fit from my modeling session. I am looking forward to breaking them in this winter!

I think the colorway is so perfectly named. These are green in some lights and brown in others. The yarn is from a local to me dyer who sells in lots of the LYS in the area.

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