FO Friday – Cross-Back Tee

I asked some friends what I should do with my leftovers of this fabric from another project and they said – make a cross-back tee! You can totally draft that yourself! And since I love a challenge, I decided to go for it!

This was my first self-drafted project and I definitely made some mistakes. I based it loosely off the bodice of the Out and About Dress by Sew Caroline since I had already made that dress out of this fabric and loved the bodice fit. The fabric is this print from Girl Charlee. It’s very light-weight and drapey, perfect for this type of garment.

In practice I wish there was less of an angle towards the front – I don’t think it helps the back hang as well as it could. I also messed up when I imagined how all the pieces should fit together to create a curved hemline. Instead I made three sad curves and had to cut off a bunch of length to create a cohesive hem and it ended up several inches shorter than I was hoping for.

I am glad I went for it. While it won’t get much wear day-to-day, it’s a perfect cover up for the pool so it will fill a hole in my wardrobe. And I definitely learned a lot in the process. 

2 thoughts on “FO Friday – Cross-Back Tee

  1. I’ve been doing some experimental sewing too. It’s good to know that other people stumble around like me. Thanks for posting your project. Avis (found you on Revelry)


    1. Thanks! It’s kind of freeing to just give things a shot and see how they go! I hope you’re happy with your projects, too 🙂


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