advent calendar

I am a planner. I love the process of pondering and perusing and practicing. I’ve heard that research shows it increases anticipation of an event, and I believe it given how excited I am to cast on for my next project.

Two years ago I saw a picture of this project in my LYS newsletter. It is amazing, no? And immediately I knew I needed to make an advent calendar of fair isle socks. It took me nearly a year to find and purchase the perfect yarn. At Rhinbeck last year my first stop was the Fiber Optic booth so I could get these beauties. And for this past year I have been charting my favorite fair isle motifs, fitting them to the same dimensions and finding my favorite order.

Finally, I am ready to start knitting! I am sincerely hoping to be able to hang and use this on December 1. It’s a busy month so I don’t know if I’ll make it. I’ll be posting my progress here, on Instagram and on my Ravelry project page. I hope you enjoy following along!

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