Sunday Six

Here’s what I’ve been into and up to recently:

  1. Seamwork is a digital magazine from Colette. Every month they produce a beautiful magazine filled with interviews, articles, and two quick patterns. You can download the PDFs for free with an account and I have been tearing through them. I don’t feel like a very knowledgeable sewist and this is really furthering my education into fabric types, garment construction, and sewing technique.
  2. The Martian – My husband and I were able to go on a rare date and caught this in an actual theater. It is a truly beautiful film – the visuals are quite literally beautiful and the story is so well-paced and told. We both cried, though we left with different ideas of whether we’d ever go to space (I’m a heck no! whereas he’d do it in a heartbeat.)
  3. Hamilton – I finally got on board the train and listened to the soundtrack and I totally get what all the fuss is about. I’m no history buff and this music does such a great job of making these characters feel relatable rather than like old, dead white dudes. And it’s funny and smart and moving. I predict I will be listening to this nonstop for months (and continue trying to get my historian husband to give it a listen!)
  4. Planning on paper. My colleagues and I watched Inkwell Press sell an amazing number of planners on Friday and while I prefer a digital system (Evernote + Busycal + BusyTodo) for my personal life, I have found that it doesn’t support my work life as well. So I was inspired to grab a notebook and make my plan for next week on paper. I’m really excited about it and hope it is as productive as it is fun.
  5. Periscope – I had to be talked into this by Mary-Heather, but I’m glad she did because I am really digging it. A whole bunch of us did WIP Wednesday videos to talk about our projects and it had a fun community feel to it. And as a proud mama sometimes it’s fun to share my playtime with my daughter.
  6. Surgery preparations. I am having major surgery on Friday and am deep in planning mode. Lists of people to notify and things I need to bring and things I want to bring and procedures for me and our helpers and everything have all been captured. The worst part is that I have to drink these gross nutrient drinks to prepare my body. I quickly learned that they need some sort of additive – chocolate, grenadine, honey, and peanut butter have all helped cut down on the sweetness. Tomorrow I plan to try fruit and maybe oreos for my after-dinner one.

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