FO Friday: Fol-Fox scarf

I don’t talk about it here, because it’s nice to have a place that is about other stuff, but I have cancer. The cocktail I take is called Folfox, and one of the side effects is cold sensitivity. Part of my treatment is that I leave with a chemo pump, attached to my chest, and carry it around for 2 days. So, I made this Fol-Fox scarf to keep me warm, make me feel cozy, and conceal my pump tubing.

The fabric is double gauze – from the Kokka Trefle collection. I just cut a yard of it in half, widthwise. Squared up the pieces and stitched together in the middle. For the edges I was happy to have an excuse to use my new serger for a lovely rolled hem.

Then I fringed the ends. I started by hand, but quickly realized that a pair of tweezer made the work much faster! I knotted them up and called it done!

Being a maker feels more important than ever while I’m sick. I can make my own armor, give it humor and meaning and fit it perfectly to my needs.

4 thoughts on “FO Friday: Fol-Fox scarf

  1. Hello – I am a regular reader, but have not commented before. I think that I followed a link to one of your projects, enjoyed your posts and photography, and kept coming back. I wasn’t aware of your diagnosis, so wanted to reach out and pass on positive thoughts from a random internet stranger. I am sending good thoughts to you and your family. Also, thanks for this post! I love the scarf and may attempt it myself.


    1. Thank you very much! One of the best things to come from my diagnosis is how much support I’ve received from the crafty community.

      And yes, you should definitely make a scarf like this. It’s so quick and is a nice way to use a beautiful print!


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