FO Friday – Winter Traveler

FO Friday – Winter Traveler

Pattern: Winter Traveler by Julia Farwell-Clay

Yarn: Doc Mason’s Wool (and the Etsy store)

Needles: US 9 (5.5mm) & US 8 (5.0mm)

Ravelry Link: here!

I love this sweater. The second I saw it on the designer’s Instagram feed I knew I needed to make it. I was lucky enough to order the same yarn she used. Doc Mason’s Wool comes from the yarnie’s brother-in-law – a veterinarian with a flock of sheep to help rehabilitate working sheep dogs. It is a wool-lover’s dream – my skin loves the lanolin left in it, and it is lofty and squishy.

For those following along at home this is my second intarsia-in-the-round project in a row. It can be a lot of tiny balls of yarn to manage (they’re not good projects to bring out of the house!), but so worth for the resulting color work. I used a different technique this time which I vastly preferred to last time – I’ll do a comparison soon!

My only complaint is that I finished this sweater after the cold season ended and I have to wait until next year to wear it. I’m going to try to sneak in a few wears on chilly mornings and evenings since it makes a great sweatshirt.

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