FO Friday – Buffalo Plaid Laurel Dress

FO Friday – Buffalo Plaid Laurel Dress

Pattern: Laurel Dress by Greenstyle Creations

Fabric: Girl Charlee Buffalo Plaid in Black Red Cream

I wore this dress 3 days in a row after finishing it before admitting that it was probably time to wash it. It is so comfortable! The fabric is a really wonderful light weight that just feels great to wear.

This is my second time making this dress. I made the same size as before, a small, but this time I used the longest torso length. I am petite (5’2″) so I thought I’d want the shortest torso the first time around, but ended up with a bodice that doesn’t quite clear my bust before the skirt starts. I really like the fit of this one, so I will definitely keep using the longest torso length.

This dress was my first time making an effort at pattern-matching and clearly is an area for improvement. Apparently you can’t just skim a blog post on the subject and become an instant expert? I’m planning on rereading that post more thoroughly before I cut my next patterned garment. If you have any tips I’d love to hear them!

4 thoughts on “FO Friday – Buffalo Plaid Laurel Dress

  1. My favourite thing about this dress is when I first saw it I thought it was made from woven flannel, and was like…but how is it acting like a knit??? It’s total knit in disguise as a woven!


    1. Yes! I really love how the print makes it look flannel, but in actuality it’s lightweight enough for me to wear during Texas winters 🙂


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