FO Friday – Hidden Thicket

FO Friday – Hidden Thicket

Weight: DK

Yardage: 319 yds

Construction: 2-ply worsted

Colorway: Hidden Thicket

Dyer: Hello Yarn

Ravelry link!

This was a palate cleanser. My last spin before this was a 2+ year project that I only completed out of stubbornness. I needed something quick and easy and thoughtless after that and this was exactly that. I grabbed the closest bag of fiber in my closet, split it in half length-wise and spun.

I don’t consider myself a technical or even very advanced spinner, so I was tickled when I plied and found that not only did the colors line up almost perfectly, but the two plies differed in length by less than a yard.

I enjoyed a mindless spin, but I’ve found that it still hasn’t brought me to my wheel as much as I’d like. So I’m excited that my spinning group has decided to start a casual study together. Every month we’ll pick a topic to explore and at the following spin-in we’ll have show and tell and discuss the topic. If you’re not inspired you can decline the study part and just come spin. I’m hoping it will push me to be a bit more intentional in my spinning and stretch my skills.

The topics I’m most excited about exploring are blending – of colors and fiber – and drafting methods. What are you working on in your spinning lately?

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