FO Friday – Dropcloth Sampler

FO Friday – Dropcloth Sampler

Earlier this year I wrote about Rebecca Ringquist’s Embroidery Workshops and how inspiring I found the book. The book comes with a sampler so you can practice all the stitches you read about and I have finally finished it.

The final product is filled with such lovely texture; it was a joy to photograph.

Running stitch was my very favorite. It’s so meditative and quick.

It’s now hanging on my office wall. I trimmed the excess backing fabric off the sides, but left it on the top and bottom. I folded it to the wrong side and sewed along the edge to create the sleeves for those dowels. A tiny bit more floss as a handle and it was finished!

I’m still pondering what my next embroidery project will be. I’m thinking maybe a quote in a beautiful font, possibly with some floral detailing. Are you working on any embroidery these days?

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