FO Friday – Cadeautje Slippers

FO Friday – Cadeautje Slippers

Pattern: Cadeautje by Ysolda Teague

Yarn: Ewe & Me Merinos 2-ply Bulky with Odds & Ends from Into the Whirled for the fiber

Needles: US 5 (3.75mm)

Size: US Women’s 8 (size F in pattern)

Ravelry Link: here!

I am pretty sure I know what it’s like to walk on a cloud. Warm and soft and cushioned, my new Cadeautje slippers are in their own world of comfort thanks to their thrums. What are thrums? Little puffs of unspun fiber knitted into your project. On the outside they provide a pop of texture and color and on the inside the ends form a carpet of supreme warmth and comfort. It’s best to use a fiber that will felt, as over time the inside works together to mold to you. You can see that I wore these for a while before I could tear them off to photograph and the felting is beginning.

This was one of those projects that wasn’t that fun to knit but I love the finished product. Part of that was my fault – bulky is a large category of yarn weight and I didn’t pay close attention to how similar my yarn was to the recommended one. It turned out to be quite a bit heavier so it was not very comfortable to knit at gauge. They were also mildly stressful because I decided not to preplan a design in the patterning of the thrums but I was unable to resist making one so I was scrambling to make it work. It would be fun to make another pair with a purposeful pattern and a better yarn choice. I am glad that the pattern is it includes child through adult sizes, so I could make a pair for my daughter or my husband if I wanted another shot.

I modified the pattern slightly to make them shorter. While you’re knitting the foot it suggests you should be X” from the end of the foot when you start decreases. I was there before the number of rows suggested in the pattern so I trusted my measurements over the pattern. I am not positive that was the right call, I think they’d fit better if I had followed the pattern. But I was left with less than a yard of yarn when I bound off so I guess it worked out! And I am hoping that as the thrums felt the slippers will stretch out just enough to be perfect.

I’m glad that the weather has made it practical to keep wearing these in the mornings for a bit longer. I am not ready to put them away for summer just yet.

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