Crafty Reads: Lotta Jansdotter’s Everyday Style

I adore my well-planned wardrobe. Putting intention into coordinating the shapes and colors and pieces was transformative for my crafting. I have always been a product crafter, but now in particular I know that new items will have a place in my closet. This is thrilling because I know that everything I make will be worn and loved. So, I was very eager to read this month’s crafty read, Lotta Jansdotter’s Everyday Style, which is an invitation to explore the author’s uniform.

The book has five core sewing patterns with variations – two tanks/tunics/dresses, one shorts/pants, one skirt, and one coat/jacket. The text is split into seasons, showing versions appropriate for each season, modeled by wonderful figures in Lotta’s life. At the end there’s a section showing the pieces remixed and restyled. Together it is a delightful representation of the patterns – I walked away with a great sense of the pieces overall and which one I was most excited to add to my wardrobe (an Esme tunic!).

Scattered throughout the book there are also fanciful accessories – patchwork scarves, tasseled shawls, fabric necklaces, giant pom-poms, and bags of every shape and size. Oh, and my new obsession, bias tape shoelaces. Accessories are such a fun source of variety in a uniform wardrobe. As quick, easy projects they can be an introduction to making for yourself for beginners, or a way for an expert to update a beloved ensemble without a huge investment of time.

This book has both information and inspiration. It really covers the five key pieces – suitable fabrics, styling ideas, fit – and includes the patterns for them are in the back to create your own. It also covers what Lotta likes in her wardrobe and provides plentiful inspiration there. What it doesn’t cover is how to find your own uniform of pieces. There is plenty of inspiration for how great a wardrobe made of a few pieces can be, and is a great jumping off point for further research on the topic.

Are you interested in the materials I would recommend to develop your own capsule wardrobe or uniform? Let me know and I can make it the topic of a future post! I would also love to hear if there are any books you recommend for future crafty reads.

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