FO Friday – Chambray Copycat Shorts

FO Friday – Chambray Copycat Shorts

While I was cutting out the pattern for my Everyday Skirt, my 4 year old asked me to make her something, too. Mentally I scanned her wardrobe and remembered she needed more shorts, so I grabbed an existing pair and quickly traced them for an ad hoc pattern.

I had only done this once before – for a bodice for a dress for her. I am making an concerted effort to grow my skills as a sewist, so I figured I’d dive in on these shorts and learn something in the process.

The fact that these shorts aren’t modeled gives a clue to the biggest thing I learned – make sure the item you’re basing your pattern off of fits the intended recipient! I thought the ready to wear pair were her current size and I was sizing up for the future, but instead I just made a second pair of too small shorts. Whoops! Luckily I know lots of mamas with littler kids, so these shorts have already found a loving home.

Aside from my measuring fail, I feel like these shorts were an awesome learning experience. I didn’t label my pattern pieces and learned why that’s important. It’s amazing how similar they can look as a pile of paper! I loved inspecting the shorts to figure out the order in which to construct them. I was grateful I had just finished my Everyday Skirt because that pattern made it clear why the steps were organized as they were and I was able to see how important that would be in these shorts.

I am really glad I went through this exercise. I’m sad my daughter and I can’t spend the summer running around in matching bottoms, though. I still have a yard of this fabric left, so I think I’ll be shopping her closet for good candidates to copy. Or if you know a kids pattern that would be great, let me know in the comments!

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