FO Friday – Headbanger

FO Friday – Headbanger

Weight: sport

Yardage: 312 yds

Construction: 2-ply worsted

Fiber: BFL

Colorway: Headbanger

Dyer: Hello Yarn

Ravelry link!

Last year I started attending a spinning group at my LYS and I am so grateful to be a part of it because it makes me make time to spin. I love spinning, but at home the lure of a finished garment brings me to my knitting needles or my sewing machine far more than my spinning wheel. I tend to be a private sewist and knitter – aside from occasional wine and craft nights with friends, I rarely do them outside my home. But social spinning draws me back over and over to multiple groups throughout the years.

This yarn is everything that I love about handpsun. BFL is a joy to feel run through your hands and has such a lovely sheen. The barberpole-ing places so many different colors next to each other over the course of the skein making it a feast for the eyes. This yarn will make a project that is hard to put down because you want to see what happens when you knit the next bit and the next.

The Tour de Fleece is an annual challenge where handspinners spin along with the Tour de France. I am currently on a three year streak of committing to the Tour de Fleece and then getting sidelined from finishing. The 2016 TdF begins tomorrow, and I have cleared my crafty schedule to make it happen this year. With the community of my spinning group to keep me on track, I look forward to spinning down my stash and piling up some new handspun.

Are you doing Tour de Fleece this year? Do you have crafts that you prefer to practice privately or publicly?

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