FO Friday – Color Blending Study

FO Friday – Color Blending Study

Construction: chain plied

Fiber:  BFL/Silk (75%/25%)

Colorway: Emergence

Dyer: Fibernymph!

Ravelry link!

I mentioned back in April that I was undertaking a color blending study for my spinning group. In honor of Tour de Fleece I wanted to share my results with you all. 

I started with a set of 4 colors – 1 ounce of each. I split each color into 7 pieces to make a total of 15 possible combinations pictured above. Above is a progress picture from part way through my carding process. I chain plied for ease of project management – just 1 bobbin of each color to deal with! I am in love with the results.

Here are the skeins with 1 color. My baseline.

These are the skeins with 2 colors. They’re very distinct, and it’s easy to pick out the component colors.

Here are the sets with 3 colors. The individual skeins are more similar when you look at them from afar. Up close, however, they have a lot of depth and it takes close study to pick out the component colors.

This is the final skein with all 4 colors. It’s my favorite, the one I would pick off a shelf at my LYS to take home with me. The appearance is complex and heathered.

I am so glad that I went through this process. Blending fiber is different than blending paint – the individual fibers remain yellow and green and silver. As you add more colors the results get more and more nuanced. I am eager to play with this more, ultimately making a color wheel from the primary colors.


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