FO Friday – Poplin Archer Button Up

FO Friday – Poplin Archer Button Up

Pattern: Archer Button Up by Grainline Studio

Fabric: Verna Mosquera Indigo Rose Vintage Pindot in Olive

I am still very much a beginning sewist, so I am continually experiencing the joy in stretching my skills and learning more about garment making. This project was by far my most advanced to date, and I feel so incredible to have finished it. Jen from Grainline Studios provides awesome pattern support on her blog – she has a step-by-step SAL for the Archer Button Up that I read through twice before I started and followed along with as I sewed. It was really helpful to understand where things were going and see photographs to compare my progress to. And while I can tell from Instagram that she is a perfectionist in her own sewing, her posts were really encouraging about accepting imperfections and moving forward to a finished garment.

I made a size 10 with no fit adjustments (because I don’t know how yet!), and am very pleased with the results. I include the photo above to show that I can stretch my arms out and you still can’t see my bra – a rare thing for me! I am in the process of making my second Archer and the only change I’ll make is to shorten the sleeves – my hand stops before the cuff starts in this one. Since I always wear my sleeves rolled up that’s no problem for me, but it will be nice to have perfect length sleeves in the next one.

I really feel like I levelled up after completing this project. In my next one I am going to challenge myself to take things a bit further – adjust the pattern to make sleeves the same length as my arm, attempt pattern matching with my fabric (at least on the button band and the pockets), and add in a feature from another version – a sleeve tab from Dixie DIY. Hopefully that one will be making a debut here soon! Have you been levelling up in any of your recent projects?

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