FO Friday – Handspun Paloma

FO Friday – Handspun Paloma

Pattern: Paloma by Thea Colman

Yarn: my handspun

Needles: US 10.5 (6.5mm)

Ravelry Link: here!

In 2009 I excitedly ordered a sweater quantity of polwarth fiber from Kristen at Skein. I loved it and was super excited to work on it, but somehow it never made it to the top of the pile and into my hands. For this year’s Tour de Fleece I decided it was time to tackle this project and get it spun up and I did! Then the Ravellenic Games rolled around (an event where Ravellers craft along with the Olympic Games) and I was planning on opting out until Sarah revealed she would be knitting up her Tour de Fleece handspun. And then I felt jealous that she’d have a handspun Rhinebeck sweater and mine would be sitting in skeins at home so I took the plunge and decided to knit this up.

I have loved Paloma ever since it was first published. Sometimes you just need a blanket of a sweater to throw on, and I like how this one has some thoughtful details. There’s a column of stockinette along all the seams to keep things looking neat, and similar details on the pockets and over the rear. It was a great example of why I pay for patterns – I could work out the math to make a seed stitch sweater coat, but I wouldn’t have added the embellishments that made it so polished in the end.

The other thing worth noting on this project is that I alternated my skeins of handspun to minimize that characteristic stripey handspun look. I loved the mix of colors in the original braids of fiber and I wanted the sweater to maintain that feel. I got into some snarls switching up 8 ounce balls, but it broke up the stripes you generally see in handspun FOs and created more of a melange. It’s a technique I will definitely keep in mind for the future!

Now I’m just waiting for it to cool off enough for this to become my go to outer layer. Until then I’ll be wearing it in over air conditioned spaces.

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