FO Friday – Myla Tank

FO Friday – Myla Tank

Pattern: Myla Tank by Sew Liberated

Fabric: Amy Butler Honeysuckle Bloom rayon challis in sky

I bought this pattern and fabric after seeing it as a sample in a local sewing shop. It has so many great elements – the rayon feels lovely on the skin and the hi-low hemline with the split in the back is really fun – but I love it a lot more in theory than in practice.

The big problem is the armholes. They gaped when I sewed the pattern as written, so I took 1″ off the front straps and .5″ off the back straps and tried again. That worked pretty well, I was okay with how it looked. But when I wear it the armholes stretch out within a few hours, along the front of my body where I move my arms naturally. I tried doing some stay stitching by hand to see if I could pull it back into shape within gathering but it was unsuccessful. It does go back to shape after washing so I guess that’s my solution for now. I’m not sure if I caused the problem by cutting off grain or it is has another culprit.

I mention cutting off grain because I definitely struggled to get the rayon challis cut accurately. It was my first time working with the fabric and it is the first thing in the sewing world that I have found has lived up to its reputation for being difficult. I referred heavily to this recent article from Colette Patterns about sewing with rayon and it was helpful. Rayon just is slippery! I’m going to try the tip to cut it with paper next time and see if that improves my accuracy.

I also found it really hard to sew the binding onto the rayon. The uncut edge kept slipping out and I had to go over some spots 3-4 times to get it all bound. I am still afraid there are more hidden unbound pockets that will fray as I wash it. You know, the washing I have to do to get it back into shape after a wear.

I did try one new thing that went well, which was tracing a blend of two different pattern sizes since I didn’t fit strictly into one pattern size. I used the size 8 bust and then drafted out to the size 10 waist and hips. I love the silhouette and feel like I got that part spot on. So, I’m a little more confident in that for future garments!

So, all told I will wear this tank, but I don’t expect it to have a long life in my closet. Have you had any projects fail to live up to your expectations despite your best efforts?

4 thoughts on “FO Friday – Myla Tank

  1. The fabric is so cute and it looks really nice on you! May be worth another shot someday…? I know this feeling well, spending so much time and energy on something to have it not turn out the way I imagined. (Mostly knitting- I have yet to begin really sewing clothes).


    1. Thank you! Maybe once I have more practice with alternations I’ll come back to this one. The rest of the pattern is simple so it would be a good one to practice on!


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