Office/Studio Tour

Office/Studio Tour

I moved into my house when I was 30 weeks pregnant, during the hottest summer on record in my city. It was miserable, and then I too was busy being pregnant or sleep deprived for the next two years to have any energy leftover for decorating. Since then I have been slowly going room by room updating the furnishings and decor to fit us perfectly. My office does triple duty, also housing the family craft supplies and serving as our guest room. I went all-in with a knitting theme, and today I’m going to give you a little tour.

First up is my desk. I love how gigantic it is – it’s where I set up my sewing machine, spread out notes, work alongside my daughter. It’s also an electric sit-stand desk – I can push those little buttons to raise and lower it. Behind it is my favorite part of the entire office, my stockinette wall. I bought this stencil from The Stencil Studio and my husband and I were able to knock it out in an evening.

Next to my desk I keep typical productivity tools – a calendar, a whiteboard – along side some inspiring art and my color blending study I shared with you earlier this year. My cork board is custom – I stapled some canvas fabric over some pieces of cork to get something pretty for a display that’s easy to change out.

Last year when I was going through my first round of cancer treatment, my wonderful friend and coworker Mary Heather sent me those tiny pills you see on my cork board, each one filled with a different little message for me. I like to keep them just behind me while I work, letting that positive energy quite literally back me up every day.

These cubes contain my favorite treasures for display. Some of these displays are unchanged since I put up the cubes and some change monthly. I think we all have long-time sources of pride and current obsessions and I love that this set up allows me to highlight both.

I keep my crafty library over here, as well as mementos from special trips. The beautiful wooden bowl is from Fringe Supply Co and holds some yarn I can’t stand to tuck away in my closet. And the crocheted cacti? My sister made those for me!

You get a glimpse of our “guest bed” – a pull out couch next to the most useful thing in my office. This storage unit contains my sewing notions up top, craft supplies my daughter is allowed to use unsupervised at the bottom where she can reach them, and in the middle are my projects in-process. When the drawers are full I can’t start any new projects. It’s nice to have a place to leave WIPs of all kinds that allows me to follow my heart a little bit and explore different things, but not get lost in the chaos of half-finished ideas. The closet to the right isn’t pretty inside, but houses just about every medium you could imagine if you want to make something.

Finally, a few more pretty things to look at while I work. That dropcloth sampler was my first embroidery project and it’s great to have it hanging up making my office feel cozy.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed a little peek into where I spend most of my days. It’s always going to be a work in progress, which I think is pretty perfect for a crafty studio. I love the current iteration and look forward to seeing it continue to fill with hand made creations. Do you have any of your favorite projects displayed in special places in your home? Tell me about it below!

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