Crafty Reads: On The Loom

I want to be a weaver. I can’t complete all the sewing and knitting and spinning projects I have in mind, so it’s hard to justify immersing myself in a new craft. But I am obsessed with handwoven kitchen towels and I daydream about creating yards of cloth to sew with on a floor loom. This month I decided to read On The Loom: A Modern Weaver’s Guide by Maryanne Moodie to scratch my weaving itch.

The book has a lovely introduction about how Maryanne got started with weaving – after a lifetime of interest in vintage cloth, she came across a loom at the right moment in her life to fall deeply in love. She experimented and researched and figured it out as she went. I love the fearlessness she describes in her journey. My first instinct is always to pursue perfection and I find it so inspiring to hear the process of artists who approach making differently.

The first chapter is all the how-to information you need to start weaving. From the tools involved (including how to make your own looms of various types!) to fibers to color theory to a number of weaving stitches. Everything you need to know as a beginner is there, in writing and illustrated with lovely photos.

The remaining chapters are weaving projects – for rectangular, round, and non-traditional looms. If I were to give in and start weaving, the stitch sampler and rag rug projects are where I would start. While I read the chapter on non-traditional looms I thought to myself, “This is so beautiful but not for me.” But I have noticed myself looking differently at the world around me, wondering, “Could I weave on that?” The railing on our porch seems like it would be so cozy as a weaving, and I could use up all my scrap yarn.

I don’t doubt that one day you’ll see my weaving projects on here, it’s just a matter of how long I resist. Books like On The Loom make it harder! Are there any crafts you secretly want to learn but are holding off for now? Let me know and join me next month when I read Yarnitecture.

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