FO Friday: Dia Sweater & Slim Sweats

FO Friday: Dia Sweater & Slim Sweats

Patterns: Dia Sweater by Misusu Patterns and Slim Sweats by Melly Sews

Fabric: French terry and ribbed knit (I didn’t get any more details than that off the bolt)

“Do you want the end of the bolt?” I am such a sucker for those words, I always say yes. When I answered affirmatively while buying french terry to make the Dia Sweater for my daughter, immediately visions of a matching sweatsuit swam in front of my eyes. I was thrilled with Melly Sews’ Slim Sweats pattern came up in my search, it was exactly the style I was after and in my daughter’s size.

Both patterns were incredibly quick and easy to sew and had really clear instructions. I am thrilled with the results – she looks like a tiny hipster grandma. I made the sweatshirt exactly to the pattern. The sweatpants had a couple mods – I cut off 2″ of length because my girl is a shortie like her mama, and I used 1/2″ elastic rather than 1″ because it was what I had on hand. With both of these patterns I am bummed she’s wearing the largest/only size and I won’t be able to make future versions of this outfit in larger sizes.

Have you ever said yes to an extra bit of fabric and found it led to an even better project? Tell me about it!

2 thoughts on “FO Friday: Dia Sweater & Slim Sweats

  1. This looks so amazing! And thank you for giving the Dia Sweater a go! We’re in the process of increasing our size range, starting with our sweaters! It’s going to take a while, but at some point you’ll receive an update to the pattern with the added bigger sizes…..:)
    All the best! Elles from Misusu Patterns


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