FO Friday: Daisy’s Sweater

FO Friday: Daisy’s Sweater

Pattern: Perfect Dog Sweater Pattern Generator by Jessika Lane

Yarn: my handspun

Needles: US 3 (3.25mm)

Ravelry Link: here!

This summer my dad and his wife adopted a dog and immediately transformed into Dog People. Daisy, their chug (pug-chihuahua mix), lives a luxurious life, and I wanted to celebrate her first Christmas in our family with a dog sweater. I’m pretty sure my dad doesn’t read this blog, so I’m sharing it with you early. My model is a stuffed animal version of the Sheep on a Jeep characters by Nancy Shaw.

It is fitting that such a spoiled dog receive a handspun handknit sweater. I loved how this BFL knit up – the fabric has a beautiful sheen and is solid and just pleasant to touch. The pattern is a straightforward generator – plug in your gauge and some measurements and follow along. I asked my teenaged sister to take Daisy’s measurements on the sly and without my own dog to sanity check them I just had to forge ahead. I hope it fits her better than my stuffed animal friend! It was really quick to whip up so if there’s a need for version 2.0 I could be talked into it pretty easily.

The one modification I made is to the shaping of the bottom hem. You do decreases to shape it to the curves of the sweater, but when sized for such a small dog they were way too frequent and made a huge mess. I slowed down the increases to every other round and like the results much more.

Are you doing any crafting for holiday gifts? I don’t like crafting on a deadline so this is my only item. Speedy fingers as you work on yours!

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