TBT: My First Socks

TBT: My First Socks

Pattern: Lifestyle Toe Up Socks by Charisa Martin Cairn

Yarn: Rainy Days & Wooly Dogs Gothsocks

Needles: US 1 (2.25mm)

Dates Worked: May 30 – June 20 2009

Ravelry Link: here!

A new feature I’ll be doing on the blog this year is Throwback Thursday. I would love to have an entirely handmade wardrobe, and to do so I need to make the clothes I will actually wear. What better way to see what works than to look back at my making history? So each month I’ll be reviewing one of my early projects – I want to see how they’ve held up, whether they’ve gotten much use, and what I would do differently if I made them today. I’ll only be reviewing projects I still own, and I am a brutal closet cleaner, so this is a good snapshot of what is really useful to me in a homemade item. 

First up is my first pair of socks. My first FO was in October 2007, but these socks from 2009 are the oldest homemade item I still own. I finished 33 projects in that interim that I got rid of – clearly my tastes have changed since them. But stripey socks? Stripey knee socks? I don’t think those will ever go out of style for me.

These socks get quite a bit of wear when it’s sock weather down here. The calf shaping isn’t perfect but they stay up and are comfy. They’ve held up pretty well for nearly 8 year old socks. You can see in the above picture that one heel is close to giving out. They also took an accidental trip through the washing machine which left them very lightly felted and made a little hole in one calf. Comparing my original picture to more recent ones, I can see that the light stripes have faded a lot. If I were to make these today I would do use a different sock pattern to better fit my foot, probably from one of the sock books I read last year, and I would do more sophisticated calf increases.

Overall, I would say these were a great success. They have had a long, useful life and still look pretty good. I no longer have the original yarn so I’ll have to find something else to darn them with when that heel eventually blows. Now that I work from home socks are one of the homemade items I wear the most, so a full sock drawer is a good investment for me.

I would love to hear about the earliest knit of yours that you still own. Is it still in your wardrobe rotation?

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