FO Friday: Because I Own a Serger Napkins

Pattern: None

Fabric: A tea towel from the dollar store

Started: January 2, 2017

Completed: January 2, 2017

My daughter needed to bring cloth napkins to school when she returned in January. It would have been simple to buy them, but of course I wanted to make them. I am always looking for an excuse to get to know my serger better, so I decided I would cut up a tea towel and apply a rolled hem.

Serger have a reputation for being hard to thread, so I go out of my way to practice every time I take it out. I regretted that decision this time – I spent as long getting it threaded as I did actually serging the napkins! The rolled hem went okay, but you can see I had some areas where the napkin would slide away from the needles and not get captured in thread. Ironing them probably would have helped, but I was being lazy. The corners were a struggle for me – I find it really hard to turn a corner on a serger. Is it possible? Do you turn when the fabric hits the knife or the needles? It’s something I’d like to practice more.

After getting the hem applied, I wanted to personalize them even more and add a few designs to the corners. I did these free motion on my sewing machine. They did not turn out particularly well. The weave of the napkins is so loose, and again they were unironed, that they were pretty out of control. But my 5 year old likes them and has favorites (the lips), so that’s a win.

These napkins are already stained, proving they are hard at work keeping my girl clean. If she wears through them, I’d be happy to rev up my serger again and make some more! Do you have any projects you’ve undertaken just so you could play with a new tool?

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