TBT: Burren Cowl

TBT: Burren Cowl

Pattern: Beech Wood by Ilga Leja

Yarn: my handspun

Needles: US 7 (4.5mm)

Ravelry Link: here!

Started: August 10, 2009

Completed: August 15, 2009

This month’s Throwback Thursday brings us to my Burren Cowl. It’s a garter-based cowl pattern made in my third ever skein of handspun. I named it for the limestone flats of Ireland called The Burren due to the texture and the fact that I took my FO shots there. The cowl has held up beautifully – I didn’t wash or de-pill it for the updated photoshoot and it looks as good as in the original photos.

I have made a lot of cowls out of handspun, but this is one of the few that I’ve held onto for myself due to the wonderful combination of yarn and pattern. I didn’t realize it at a the time, but garter stitch lace is exactly the sort of squishy, bumpy background that works wonderfully for early handspun. Any unevenness adds to the charm, and garter stitch brings the springiness that beginner yarn can be lacking.

I don’t tend to wear cowls much, but in the days after this photo shoot I definitely reached for this one more. They can be a nice splash of color, but in my climate I don’t often wish for a warmer neck, and I tend to wear delicate necklaces that get lost under a knitted item. I probably already own a lifetime supply of cowls. They’re fun to make so I will probably keep falling for their siren call and then finding them new homes.

Do you have any kinds of items you keep knitting even though you don’t really use or wear them? Any special knits you associate with a trip? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “TBT: Burren Cowl

  1. I started a sweater because I wear cowls all of the time, but there are only so many that I need or can wear in San Diego. I love handknit socks but just can’t knit them right now. So, hopefully this sweater works out well and becomes something I wear regularly.


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