FO Friday: Alice Dress

FO Friday: Alice Dress

Pattern: self-drafted apron on purchased dress

Fabric: dress and apron are cotton, trim is unlabeled

Started: January 21, 2017

Completed: January 28, 2017

Last week I shared the Ariel dress I made for my daughter for our Disneyland trip. This week I’m sharing the second of the costumes from our trip, her Alice in Wonderland dress.

Like the last dress, I wanted to focus my time on embellishment rather than construction, so the base dress is from I also used a white tshirt from there in the same size to create the apron. I ripped out all the seams to get to the flat pieces. The front made the apron front – I bought the dress and tshirt in the same size in hopes the neckline curves would match and they did. The back became the apron skirt. The collar was made from the sleeves. I used a wide white ribbon for the tie and a bit of ruffled elastic to trim the sleeves and the bottom of the apron.

One of our most special Disney moments happened in this dress. We met the character of Alice in Wonderland in a quiet corner of the park. Nobody else was nearby waiting to see her, and based on my daughter’s outfit it was obvious she was meeting a favorite. So Alice invited my daughter to go on an adventure with her. They walked hand in hand across the park, chattering all the way, to get a helping of fairy dust. It was so magical to get that moment alone with a beloved character. I enjoyed the chance to see the outfits side by side – I think mine holds up okay!

Next week I’ll share the last of the costumes I made for my daughter for the trip. Have a great week until then!

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