FO Friday: 3 Part Card Holders

FO Friday: 3 Part Card Holders

Pattern: self-drafted

Fabric: quilting cottons, flannel, fun fur

Started: March 26, 2017

Completed: April 2, 2017

I am quick to out myself as a crafter to my daughter’s teachers. I love to bring in my spinning wheel for show and tell and donate scrap yarn and fabric. When I attended my daughter’s parent-teacher conference this past February, the teacher showed up with a stack of fabric and a prototype for me – would I be able to make more of these for the classroom? So, I embarked to create a Montessori material.

3 part cards are a common Montessori material – they consist of a big card, a medium card, and a small card. The big card has a large image on top and a label on the bottom, the medium card is just the image and the small card is just the label. There are lots of ways to use the components to teach identification, literacy, etc. The holders I made consist of a large pocket in the back with a separate pocket for the small cards and a flap to cover them.

It was a fun exercise in pattern drafting. It was easy to measure the cards, but hard to predict how much ease to leave. I didn’t want the cards to be so loose they fell out, but tiny hands need a lot more leeway to get an item in a pocket. I made my own prototype to test my pattern and brought it to the teachers to test and give notes on. Then it was super quick to whip these up! Of course the fun fur required its own pattern because it isn’t double-sided like the rest. I was scared at what the fur would do to my machine, but it was much smoother than I anticipated! (And my machine got a thorough cleaning afterwards.)

My daughter will be moving to kindergarten this fall and won’t be able to use these materials anymore. I’m still glad I was volunteered for this project, though, because I know they will be used and loved for a long time. We brought a lot of Montessori into our home, and we got to leave a little bit of us in the classroom. Have you ever been volunteered for a project? How did it turn out?

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