Recently on Instagram there was the fantastic hashtag #myfirsthandknitsweater. It was so fun – seeing the knits that were so trendy 10 years ago, how many people used to take headless photos because we were scared to put our faces online, the pride that comes with the first handknit sweater milestone. My favorite part, though, was seeing how my friends’ style has changed since they were beginning knitters.

Lately I have been feeling bummed around clothing due to a medical device I now wear. I work hard making the clothes in my closet and they used to make me feel so good, but now they make me feel self-conscious about this device I prefer to conceal (and honestly, some of them cause the device to malfunction). I don’t want to have to change my style to accomodate my illness. So it was helpful to me to see this hashtag and remember that there are so many reasons that all of us change our style over time. I looked back at my catalog of FOs and found some comparisons to remind myself of the ways other life changes have effected my wardrobe.


On the left is one of my favorite outfits from 2009 – my Vintage Pink Cardigan with a camisole, skirt and red high heels. On the right is one of my favorite outfits currently – my Macoun over an Ebony tunic and jeans. In 2009 I worked in an office and had to dress business casual every day. Now I work from home and call it a win when I wear pants with buttons. I calculated perfect bust darts for the older sweater and it looked great buttoned up, but I have since learned I only like to knit wide front cardigans because I want to be able to wear them unbuttoned, too.

On the left is my favorite lacy-back from 2010, my Myrtle. I loved the close-fitting cardigan with floral lace, perfect to wear over tank tops to keep my shoulders covered in the office. In 2016 I loved the geometric lace and loose fit of my Delineate (blogged here). I used to focus on creating clothing that highlighted my hourglass figure, and now in addition to preferring more ease, I am drawn to clothing that seems fun to wear and don’t think about whether it meets the rules for what I am “allowed” to wear based on my body shape.

Seeing all this doesn’t make it any better that getting dressed is hard everyday. It doesn’t fix my dilemma about not knowing what to make next because I am still learning what I like to wear now. But it feels more like an opportunity to experiment, and less like yet another thing cancer has taken from me. How do you feel about your style over time? Have you had to adapt your style due to changes in your life?

4 thoughts on “Style

  1. What I’ve learned about my style is that it is not necessarily what "everyone" else is wearing! I know I’ve developed a good sense of what works on my body (as it is, rather than what I wish it would be), and while I might be adventurous from time to time, I really try to stick to what is tried and true because I will wear these items rather than look at them with regret and/or longing.
    Also, I’m really glad that positive ease is in these days!


    1. Oh goodness yes, my body as it is rather than what I wish it would be! I think one of the best parts of being this age is that it feels easier to just be me and not be follow trends. I totally agree on the positive ease!


  2. Those are such great knits, I especially love the Delineate tank! If I think about my style over the years, I definitely prize function now more than ever. Pockets, or bust – whereas before I would make sacrifice pockets if the pants were truly outstanding. Nothing that requires me to tug it or adjust it. Nothing that requires special undergarments. Only step-in shoes. I still try to find clothes that look good and make me feel good within those parameters, but I don’t have time or mental energy to deal with less-than-efficient clothing. If something like that sneaks into my closet regardless, I simply don’t wear it, I have learned.


    1. Yes, I hear you on prizing function. There are so many gorgeous sewing patterns for dresses that just do not fit into my life. T-Shirts and sweaters are what I actually wear. I think you do a great job of looking functional and stylish!


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