What I Keep In My Knitting Bag

Over 10 years of knitting, I have tried a lot of knitting bags and notions. I’m really loving my current set up, so I thought I’d share what I make sure I don’t head to knit night without.


For my project bags I’m a big fan of the Fringe Field Bag. It is a good size for a project, has a handy carrying handle, and a perfect set of pockets. On one side is a pocket the length of the bag, and here I keep my swatches and the printed pattern. On the other size are a series of smaller pockets where I keep my needles and the rest of my notions. (Full disclosure: I received the toffee one as a gift to the Ravelry staff from Fringe.)


You can never have too many tiny scissors.

Row Counter

My favorite of these is from Cocoknits. I think it’s the prettiest one out there. I also like that it has a lock so that when my 6yo gets a hold of one she can’t mess up my count.

Measuring Tape

I like a retractable measuring tape best. And if you can get it in the form of a cute animal why wouldn’t you?

Stitch Markers

I prefer different types for different projects, so I try to keep a variety in each bag. My all-time favorites are Crystaletts. They’re a locking marker with a tiny crystal at the bottom. I like that they’re low profile, but add a bit of sparkle. I often use them to color code my knitting – paired decreases getting the same color, for example.

Scrap Yarn

I don’t think there’s a better stitch holder than scrap yarn. I make sure there are a bunch of pieces of different lengths in every project bag – for underarm stitches, for a sleeve, or for the entire piece so I can try it on in progress.

Tapestry Needles

Like tiny scissors, you can never have too many of these stashed around. I’m not fancy here, plain straight ones are fine by me.

Writing Tool

In most of my bags I keep a pencil. One is lucky enough to have a tiny container of colored pencils I found at a LYS in San Diego. They’re so handy to have on hand, I hope I run across more some day. The only downside is I have no idea how I will ever sharpen them.

And that’s your tour of my knitting bag. Did I leave out a notion you think is essential to yours? Introduce you to anything new? Let me know.

6 thoughts on “What I Keep In My Knitting Bag

  1. I think I carry all the same kinds of items in my project bags, with one small difference: I have a small Jelly Belly tin (formerly containing jelly beans) that holds my small scissors, stitch markers and tapestry needles. Each project bag contains its own measuring tape and the bits of yarn are leftovers from the projects that used to reside in the bags! Essentially the same: subtly different. 🙂


    1. I like your tin idea! I worry sometimes about the scissors poking through their fabric pouches. We sure know how to set up a good project bag 😀


  2. I also like to keep a ‘fix it’ tool in my bag. I love the Silvalume ones by Susan Bates because they have a point on one end, In case I’m having trouble getting into a dropped stitch.


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