Fo Friday: Mint Ebony Tunic

Pattern: Ebony Tee by Closet Case Patterns

Fabric: Knit Solids from Art Gallery in Icy Mint

Size: 10

Started: June 2017

Completed: June 2017

More old FO catch up!

This is my second of three Ebony’s I’m sharing this month. Last week it was my speckled cropped tee, and this week it is my mint tunic. I made all three of them over the course of a weekend, improving my modifications each time. This version is made up of the shoulders of version A blended with version C with my own tunic length, 4″ shorter than on the pattern. I continued to shave a bit off the shoulder width from the pattern – an additional 1/8″ on each side from my cropped tee, bringing me to 3/8″ from the original. I also eyeballed an extra 1/2″ on each side of the sleeve at the hem to make looser short sleeves. I’m pleased with how both of these mods came out!

As you can see from the styling I had originally imagined this as an exercise tee, but I actually wear it a ton for lounging, too. I would still like to make a slightly longer version more like the original tunic length. I wanted this to hit at mid-hip, but I also like how chic the pattern version looks hitting at the upper thigh. Join me next week for my summer Ebony dress!

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