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Pins and needles

Today as I was leaving my appointment, my therapist said, “Oh don’t forget that!” and motioned to a button on her couch that had fallen off my purse. It was my Hillary Clinton button, one from a pack that I purchased from her website early in primary season. I quickly grabbed it and stuck it back in place.

On election day, hours before our country got the terrible news that Donald Trump won the majority of the electoral college votes, I got the wonderful news that my cancer is in remission. I woke up yesterday filled with purpose – I am still here and I will keep fighting. My grief is channeled into preparing for battle. Beyonce’s Lemonade is my soundtrack, stoking my anger and empowering me to keep running.

Right now I am speaking out and sharing my conviction to side with love and tolerance and equality. For the future, I am researching organizations to support – on a national level, those that will be attacking unjust laws and policies and in my own community, those that will help those who suffer from the fights we lose. I do not have all the answers, so I am going to listen and learn. I want to hear from different voices, so in 2017 I will not read any books by white men, instead turning my attention towards writers who are women, people of color, and LGBTQ. And I am going to proudly keep my Hillary buttons on my purse and knitting bag and coat. They may fall off, but I am going to pick them up and pin them back on as many times as it takes to get through these 4 years.