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FO Friday – Mini Christmas Tree Skirt

This summer, I embroidered a Christmas tree skirt as part of Craftmas in July – I shared my progress and FO here on the blog. I loved setting it up this year and it made me sad that my daughter didn’t have one for her little tree. The hand-embroidered one is wonderful, but I wanted to do something a little faster for her, so I picked out a decorative stitch on my sewing machine and knocked it out in about 15 minutes!

It’s nice to keep building up a collection of handmade holiday decorations, year after year. Every time I pull them out I get to revisit the joy of making them and then bask in the festiveness.

Craftmas in July

I’ll tell you a secret: I love crafty holiday decor. I have a collection of seasonal garland for my living room, and a special holiday shelf I update at my whims. Christmas is my favorite holiday to decorate for, but every year the season is so busy that I can’t add to my collection.

So, for the second year in a row, I’ll be participating in Craftsmas in July with my friends Sarah and Mary Heather – we spend the month of July working on Christmas crafts for our homes. It looks like we’ll have some new participants this year and of course you’re welcome to join us! We’ll be using the hashtag #craftmasinjuly on Twitter and Instagram and we’d love to see your work! And of course if you want to spend July making Hannukah presents for your family that’s allowed, too. Whatever holdiay-related crafting moves you, we encourage you to pursue!

Here’s what I’m planning on tackling this year:

  • this cross-stitch ornament – I’ll also be finding some red or gold thread to add an ornament or two to my tree.
  • a Christmas tree skirt following this tutorial. I need to do some crochet practice between now and then!
  • I might stretch things a bit and make a New Year’s Eve garland using some Michael Miller mirror ball dots
  • keep planning (and if things are going really well, begin executing!) my fair isle Advent calendar

I’ve got a pinterest board here for all things craftsmas. I’m glad to have had the time to really think about what I want to craft for this December – I can’t wait to get started!