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FO Friday: Little Beaver

Pattern: Wee Wonderland Wuzzies by Barbara Prime

Yarn: Cascade 220 in Cafe for the body, Jill Draper Makes Stuff Windham for the nose, Araucania Ranco Solid in 113 for the scarf

Needles: US7 (4.5mm) for the animal, US3 (3.25mm) for the scarf

Ravelry Link: here

Started: November 22, 2019

Completed: November 23, 2019

a knitted beaver in a blue scarf faces the camera

When the hostess of my knitting group announced she was pregnant, the rest of us immediately began thinking of what we would knit for her. One woman suggested we each make a small stuff animal to put together into a mobile and we all loved the idea. We picked out the Wee Wonderland Wuzzies pattern because it had so many animal options and we knew that our pregnant friend had chosen a woodland animals theme for her nursery. Strangely, the animal I knit is called an otter in the pattern, but I decided to add some details to make it obviously a beaver.

Close up on the head of a knitted beaver toy in a blue scarf

I chose to do all the detail work on my beaver in embroidery thread. I do not like to use safety eyes, so instead I sewed on eyes and a nose with black embroidery thread. My proudest part is that I used white embroidery thread in a woven picot stitch to make two extending beaver teeth. I love how they look. I also ended up knitting a tiny scarf for my animal because all the other animals on the mobile had one and I didn’t want my beaver to the the only cold one.

a hand holding a mobile of knitted animal toys and leaves against a white wall

Another woman in the knitting group put the mobile together and it came out great. I got this picture of the mobile the one time I was able to visit my friend and her new baby before COVID changed our lives. They both looked so happy and healthy it warmed my heart. I’m sad I can’t hold that sweet baby more, or knit in person with mom, but I am so glad we were able to provide this sweet gift to show our love.

Have you ever worked on a group baby gift? How did it turn out? Let me know in the comments below!

My Year in Crafting 2016

I have been sewing and spinning and knitting for years, but this was my first year blogging everything I made. Along the way it has been about having the record, and sharing my thoughts through the process of making a wardrobe at home. Today looking back at what I created this year I am realizing that I accomplished more than I give myself credit for.


I have 13 knitting FOs this year (2 of them not yet blogged here, you’ll see them in the new year). They’re split among:


I have 12 sewing FOs this year. They’re split among:


I had 4 spins this year, including a sweater quantity. They were:

Other Crafts

I tried two other crafts this year. They were:

The Best Thing I Made This Year

Without a doubt, my Advent Garland is the star of this year’s creations. The colors, the designs, everything about it makes my heart sing. I hope it will be part of my family’s traditions for the rest of our lives.


Looking at the mountain of work I completed this year, I see how much time I have been able to carve out for making this year. I make room for knitting and sewing more naturally, other crafts only happen with concerted planning or as part of social crafting. Most of my projects are for myself, with my daughter as the next most common recipient. I work mostly with pink, green, and blue.

That wraps up my look back at my making in 2016. Are you pleased with what you made this year? What was your very favorite project?

FO Friday – Dropcloth Sampler

FO Friday – Dropcloth Sampler

Earlier this year I wrote about Rebecca Ringquist’s Embroidery Workshops and how inspiring I found the book. The book comes with a sampler so you can practice all the stitches you read about and I have finally finished it.

The final product is filled with such lovely texture; it was a joy to photograph.

Running stitch was my very favorite. It’s so meditative and quick.

It’s now hanging on my office wall. I trimmed the excess backing fabric off the sides, but left it on the top and bottom. I folded it to the wrong side and sewed along the edge to create the sleeves for those dowels. A tiny bit more floss as a handle and it was finished!

I’m still pondering what my next embroidery project will be. I’m thinking maybe a quote in a beautiful font, possibly with some floral detailing. Are you working on any embroidery these days?